Steering Committee

This audit's Steering Committee is a multidisciplinary, multicentre collaborative group, drawn from the four neuroscience centres in Scotland, where expertise in the management of adults with these conditions is concentrated. Representatives of the relevant clinical specialities, general practice, and patient representatives are included in the Committee.

MND Scotland, Glasgow 2010-present Craig Stockton, Chief Executive
Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Aberdeen 2010-present Dr Gillian Hall, Consultant Neurologist
Aberdeen 2010-present Dr Bob Milne, General Practitioner
Institute of Neurological Sciences, Glasgow 2010-present Dr George Gorrie, Consultant Neurologist
2010-present Dr Arup Malik, Neurophysiologist
Ninewells Hospital, Dundee 2010-present Dr Robert Swingler, Consultant Neurologist
University Hospitals Division, NHS Lothian, Edinburgh 2010-present Siddharthan Chandran, Professor of Neurology
2010-present Dr Rustam Al-Shahi Salman, Reader in Neurology and Honorary Consultant
2010-present Dr Richard Davenport, Consultant Neurologist
2010-present Mrs Shuna Colville, coordinator